“Meet the Mentor” is an event that supports doctoral students. The concept is simple: We create a unique networking opportunity by inviting seven senior researchers who each bring along two doctoral students (twenty-one people) to enjoy an evening of exchange at one of the sociology conferences. This informal setting allows doctoral students to connect with experienced senior researchers and their peers within their field. An invitation to a mentoring dinner is also a way for senior researchers to signal appreciation towards the research work of their advisees.

While the Kohli Foundation for Sociology funds “Meet the Mentor” events, the local organization is undertaken by sections or research committees of sociological associations. In due time before the regular conferences within the field, we contact selected sections and offer the option of a “Meet the Mentor” event. We will rotate the sections and associations over time. We sponsor two events per year. Interested sections and research committees are welcome to contact us at info@kohlifoundation.eu.